We are an educational Institution dedicated to Work and Human Development, formerly called non-formal education. Under Resolution No. 1082 of 2014, the Municipal Office of San José- Cúcuta, Secretary of the Office of Education, grants the registration of the Academic Training program called Communication Skills Development in the English language, with a duration of 1,200 hours to certify all levels within the Common European Framework, with daytime, night, Saturday or Sunday sessions and face-to-face methodology.

Viviana SánchezViviana SánchezAu Pair

Studying at the BEI allowed me to prepare myself and face new challenges abroad. I had excellent accompaniment

Karla MedinaKarla Medina

My experience in BEI was second to none and it all started with what I learned at the BEI, they are the best.

Why Choose us?

4We are committed

At the British English Institute we have certified experience in teaching the English language and accreditation from the Ministry of Education to offer guaranteed and effective learning to our community.

2We are innovative

We are specialized in teaching the English language, with an innovative system focused on natural and spontaneous learning by means of fun, up-to-date contextualized activities.

1We are accredited

BEI is accredited by the Ministry of Education as an institution equipped for the development of the English language, according to the practical levels of learning within the Common European Framework.

3We are determined to go far

Our methodologies as an educational institution coupled with quality teaching experience allow us to offer a high level certification and comprehensive services based on the Common European Framework to both students and teachers and the community in general.